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Line-mount for the GoPro-Max

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This mount is designed to fit the GoPro-max.
The mount has a special Zig-Zag system so you don’t need to detach the lines to install it.
Your safety system will still function properly, the safety line will slide freely trough the mount while the other line holds the mount in place.
Make sure you identify your safety line when installing the mount, this line should go in the slot that you can look through.

It has been 3d-printed using strong PLA, we have thoroughly tested the mount and could not get it to break.
Even though the mount is extremly strong the package includes a piece of string to attach it to one of your lines.
You should attach the piece of string to your GoPro-max between the mounting flaps not to the mount itself, this way in the rare case the mount breaks you gopro will still be attached to one of the lines.
There is a small small hole for the safety string, this is only here to keep the string out of view of the camera.

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Weight0.42 g
Dimensions9.2 × 9.4 × 2.0 mm


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